Nxai Pan National Park is located on the north eastern part of Botswana specifically at the northern periphery of the ancient Makgadikgadi basin. Thousands of years back, Nxai Pan, Lake Ngami, Xau, Mababe Depression, Ntwetwe Pan, Sua Pan and the Okavango Delta were all a collective part of the enormous Makgadikgadi lake which is now dried up.

This African safari park in Botswana covered about 2578 sq. km in 1992 when it was officially declared as a national park from its original reserve designation serving an area of 1676 sq. km in 1970 with the now an extension inclusion of Baines’s Baobabs area. To this day, the Baines’s Baobabs remained painted as they were over 150 years ago and continue to be one of the main attractions of the park and serves as an excellent Botswana safari destination for the artists, celebrities, royals such as Prince Charles who have painted there.

The Baines’s Baobabs were named after Thomas Baines who painted them in May 1862. The Nxai Pan and Kgama-Kgama Pan at the northeast, and Baines’ Baobabs and Kudiakam Pan to the south constitute the Nxai Pan National Park.